Can Online Roulette be Beaten?

Short answer, yes! Long answer? Well, that forms another question, how? Here we discuss how you can beat online roulette games and win real money from the casino or casinos you join. This is a three-part guide looking firstly at the casinos, then the games and then the hack to win consistently.

1. The Casino

In order to beat roulette, you need to access the game, so pick any casino from the top 10 listed over at this brilliant website. Why this site and not someplace else? Well, the choice is yours. This link takes you to legally approved casinos that are eligible in the South African region. They provide tested games that are fair, meaning you will get to win more money more frequently. Because they are regulated and certified by the highest authorities, you’re guaranteed on getting your money back.

Outside of these options, you will be exposed to illegal sites that are not allowed to service players in South Africa and could be at greater risk when playing. So, this site is recommended to make the process of selecting an online casino a lot less painful.

2. The Game

Whether you play roulette or even slot machines, one common factor remains, all games are built with algorithms. So, how does this work when it comes to playing online roulette? Well, virtual games are programmed a certain way to created fairness and close resemblance to the act of random play which roulette is. Yes, roulette can be beaten on a gaming level, you simply opt for a betting option at the table which, by the law of averages will strike, but when it comes to consistent winning and pulling one over on the game and the casino, it is all about understanding the systems in play within the roulette game.

Algorithms within the game are tuned to the casino’s own management tool. The two elements combine and essentially build a player profile on how you play and what you play. It logs your favourite games, what you spend, how long you play for, what you win, what you lose and more. This data is shared between game and management tool and before loading a game to play, it has already determined if you win or lose, because of past results.

Signs this happens:

If you win R1000 in a game of roulette, you most likely won’t win that amount again until you have spent that much again.

When you change the default settings of the wagering amount, say, for example, you wager 10.00 instead of the defaulted 1.00 chip, the 10.00 will still be the main option when you leave the game and come back to it a week later, it will never default back.

This is all to do with the preservation of data and your profile. To learn more about the fairness of games in South Africa, head to this website.

3. The Hack

So, with this alarming information which no casino ever wants you to know about, how do you beat online roulette games? The bad guy in this scenario is the data and that’s what needs to be eliminated.

Have you noticed that beginner’s luck seems to be very common amongst first time players? This happens because of the lack of data within the player’s profile. This is the stage you need to get to, even if you have been playing for 10 years.

Follow these steps, whether you are already a casino member or looking to join one.

  1. Sign up/ log in
  2. Play only popular roulette games because the more money going into them, the more likely they will payout.
  3. Once you win a big bet, cease playing and move onto another roulette table.
  4. Stop playing once you notice your profit dropping, usually, leave when it’s down 20%.
  5. Before your last spin of the roulette wheel, change the coin option to the lowest amount, different to the defaulted one.
  6. Exit game and sign out once you have cashed out your winnings.
  7. Uninstall any used apps, delete cookies and your browser history.
  8. Do not play for 3 weeks, this seems to be the right timeframe for this to work.
  9. Return to the casino, reinstall the app if needed and log in.
  10. Go back to the last played game and check the wager has defaulted back. Which it will have and continue playing whilst repeating the process from step 2.
Last modified: 10 June 2020